Doin‘ All Right

Cold Cold Woman

I‘ll Try

Put Me Down



So Glad You‘re Mine


Say When

Turn Me Loose


Untrue, Unfaithfull (That Was You)

Graduation Day


Smalltown Casanovas

„A Little Guitar Ride

Rhythm Bomb Records ©2008


(CD for promotion only)

A Hot Sampler

with Bands that rocked

the „Haifischbar“ in Augsburg.

We‘re on it with „Untrue, Unfaithfull“

A Rhythm Bomb Sampler

with Bands that rocked

the „Rockabilly Rave“.

We‘re on it with „I‘ll Try“

A Sampler

with Bands that rocked

the „Walldorf Weekender 2010“.

We‘re on it with „Graduation day“

Rhythm Bomb compiled a 26 track charity CD for Alex, who fought the law (and the law won). He is well known as Inventor of the ACE jeans and shop owner of Rock-a-Tiki.

A Rhythm Bomb-Sampler

Rhythm Bomb compiled a 31 track charity CD for Darko, who died on cancer on 26th on november 2011.

He was well known as the guitar player of Mad Men and Adam and the Nuclear Rockets.


7“ EP Witchcraft Records

Six Feet Under

Am I To Be The One

As Long As I Live

One After 909